Statement / CV

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In my second year at college I discovered the film studies department and was introduced to the wild prospect of someday making movies for a living. Well, the “making a living” part was just dressing it seemed, but the making movies part had me sold. Could this be the career for me?

Following graduation in ’93 I spent many years poring over filmmaking magazines and books, working on independent film productions and elbowing my way into some advertising gigs, all the while laying the groundwork for a long slog towards a body of work I could call my own.

With a feature film, a few documentaries, and years of commercial and corporate videos under my belt, I can safely say that the excitement of producing and editing film or video projects continues to put a smile on my face and, yes, even some cash in my pocket which makes all the efforts worthwhile. Fancy that.

But why stop there? The world of digital possibilities is growing wider everyday.

If you or your company is on the hunt for a kindred spirit and require some assistance with an ongoing series, a current production, too much footage to sort through, or just can’t seem to wrap up that back-burner project that was shot 3 years ago, let’s talk.

I am particularly adept at sifting through many hours of raw footage and finding a diamond in the rough. It’s my belief that content is still king and storytelling rules.

Meeting up for project discussion and brainstorming is preferred, but if you’re tight for time we can always take care of details via email and phone. All jobs are different and each one has its own set of pros, cons and everything in between. But, hey, that’s what keeps this work interesting.

~ Jeff

Jeff’s C.V. page here


Proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro
Familiar with Final Cut Pro, AVID
Ulead DVD Workshop
Sound Forge
Loops & ambient tracks
Familiar with all aspects of video production

Related experience and workshops:

Editing theory and practice workshop: Paul Barnes (Civil War, Baseball)
Story and scriptwriting workshop: Ernest Thompson (On Golden Pond)
Content editor: Sean Tracey (The Jesus Guy)
Production and post consultant: Lai Khe Films (Deer Season, Franklin’s Castle)
Certified field producer, Davis Community Television.
Director: digital editing and video production for an educational publishing company.

Additional activities:

Green Building and Sustainable Design certificate program, U.C. Davis Extension (currently enrolled.)